Social Media & Business Marketing Examples

Recorriendo la Web (dateado por Juan Pablo Tapia) me encontré con el Blog de Peter Kim, Being Peter Kim, un post demasiado bueno. Dedicado a todos los no-creyentes de las competencias de los medios sociales, un ejemplo detallado (que sigue abierto a edición) de las marcas que usan algunas de las herramientas sociales disponibles para conversar con los públicos. Realmente excelente.

Cito el post original de Kim: 

“I’ve been thinking about how social media works.  For example, applying game mechanics to understand participation, thinking about users vs. customers, and deconstructing ego traps in PR campaigns.  This analysis makes me wonder if social media marketing matters and if so, does it scale.

I thought you might benefit from some of my background research on these topics.  And I’d appreciate your help in curating this list by providing more details and submitting additional cases.

Examples of companies using and being used by social media marketing:”

[Notice anything missing?  Leave a link and description in the comments below.  I’ll add to the main list on a periodic basis.]


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